Laurie M from
Reading Barefoot introduced me to Barefoot Books recently and I think I’m their new biggest fan. Things I love about the Barefoot collection:

• Excellent illustration. I especially love the sewn pieces by Clare Beaton. — really great details.
• Not at the chain stores. It’s nice to know there are still independent booksellers.

• Great stories. We’ve seen 6 or 8 books from Barefoot so far, in age ranges from baby through 10, and my kids have loved each one.

But I think the Barefoot book that has been getting the most attention at my house is The Prince’s Bedtime, written by Joanne Oppenheim and illustrated by Miriam Latimer. My toddler likes the rhyme-y-ness off it. My oldest likes the cleverness of it. And I love the drawings. The King and Queen look for assistance from all sorts of people to help the Prince fall asleep, but it’s the kindly old woman who know just the trick.