Have you ever heard of The Mellops? They are new to me and I’m pretty fascinated by them. The Mellops are a pig family with 4 good sons, named Felix, Isidor, Casimir, and Ferdinand. Just that is reason enough to love them. : ) Created by Tomi Ungerer in the fifties, three of the Mellops adventures have been reissued and they’re charming — with sometimes dangerous storylines —  in the way many vintage books are. (They’re also non-PC in the way many vintage books are. Hah!)

In The Mellops Strike Oil, the brothers learn all about digging for oil. Plus also, there’s a forest fire and their mom almost gets caught in it.

I think this one is my favorite. In The Mellops Go Diving for Treasure, the boys and their Dad go on a search for buried treasure. Spoiler: They find it! But they also have to use most of it for taxes and to pay for a sunken ship.

In Christmas Eve at the Mellops’, you’ll find out what happens when all four boys brings home Christmas Trees as the same time. It’s a sweet one! But so frank and different than many contemporary children’s stories. I think we’ll be adding it to our holiday book collection.

I tell you, I’m fascinated. I think I really like Mr. Ungerer’s story telling style. How about you? Are you already a Mellops fan? Do you have any vintage books that surprise you with their story lines?