Images and text by Carter.

How about something bright and beautiful? The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen is a fast paced, rhyming tale of a shipwreck and the sharp witted animals who were on board. They swim to shore and cause a little chaos, but soon the village falls in love with the crew and the bravery of a tiger. Their clever camouflage tucks them into the town seamlessly, helping them avoid the wrath of a booming villain who wants them back. It’s an adventure! With lush illustrations and larger than life personalities – it’s truly an enchanting tale. Your littles will love studying the pictures, looking for the hidden alligators, monkeys, and ostriches.

The Circus Ship by Chris Van DusenThe Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen

And it’s an underdog tale that’s a twist on a real truth. In 1836, a steamer sank off the coast of Maine, and nearly all of the circus on board perished. It’s a tragic story, really, but legend persists that a lone elephant survived by swimming to shore. It’s that life and hint of hope that rings true in The Circus Ship.

P.S. – Remember how much Gabrielle loves elephants?