Stars by Mary Lynn Ray and Marla Frazee

Images and text by Carter.

One of my favorite things about picture books is how they capture raw emotion in the span of so few pages. And oh, how different the tones can be! Last week we saw the catastrophic and zany The Runaway Dinner, and today’s is tender, thoughtful, and still. Stars, by Mary Lynn Ray and Marla Frazee, lyrically celebrates that far away point of light. The evocative nighttime pictures are balanced by wiggly kids, taping stars on sticks to make magic wands. And the words! “But stars that come with night — for those you have to wait for night. You need some dark to see them.”

This is one to gaze at — much like the book’s subject itself. Do you have any other evocative, poem-like favorites?

P.S. – Gabrielle featured the author of another Marla Frazee book, All The World, here. And she’s the illustrator of the Clementine series – Do you know those? Fantastic chapter books for older readers! Clementine is a modern day version of the sparkling Ramona Quimby and Pippi Longstocking.