In our [very minor] celebration of President’s Day last Monday, we made sure to pull out this book: So You Want to be President?, by Judith St. George. Illustrated by David Small.

We love this book like crazy. Even on non-minor-holidays. I totally wanted to be President when I was a kid and I would have lapped this book up. Smart, political-looking illustrations. Great bits of funny information on all the Presidents, but not the usual, boring stuff. Things like: you have a better chance of becoming President if your name is James. Or “You probably weren’t born in a log cabin. That’s too bad. People are crazy about log-cabin Presidents. They elected eight.” The overall theme: anyone can grow up to be President.

If I remember correctly, Ralph started liking this book at age 7 or 8.

Extra bonus: you know how we dig Caldecotts at the Blair house.