Today’s book, called Possum Magic, was written by Mem Fox. It’s a happy story about a little possum who asks magical Grandma Possum to make her invisible. After enjoying the invisibility for awhile, Hush is ready to become visible again and they go on an adventure together to bring the visibility back. My kids are entranced with the story. And I can’t get enough of the gorgeous illustration by Julie Vivas.

Are you familiar with the work of Mem Fox? She’s an Australian author and many of her books feature creatures particular to Australia — like koalas and kangaroos. Our landlords left a big stack of books for our kids here at the farmhouse and among them, I was happy to spot several Mem Fox selections. Everything I’ve read by her is delightful! The first Mem Fox book we ever owned is Time for Bed — which is one of the all-time most wonderful night time books.