My super-stylish friend, Audrey, introduced my kids to Calef Brown’s work when she gifted us 4 of this books. Each is well-loved at our house, but today I’m going to feature Polkabats and Octopus Slacks. Made up of 14 “stories” which are actually poems, you’ll feel cooler just reading it.

One poem, Funky Snowman, is read by my husband in a kind-of hip-hop/beat box/DJ-speak manner:

Funky Snowman loves to dance.
You think he wouldn’t have much chance,

Without two legs or even pants.

Does that stop Funky Snowman? No!

Turn up the music with the disco beat.
When you’re in the groove you don’t need feet.

Crowds come out and fill the street.

Kick it Funky Snowman!

The poem is great. My husband’s performance is great. And I have the most wonderful memories of a 2-year-old Olive walking around the house repeating, “Kick it, Funky Snowman!”

The illustrations, also by Calef Brown, are silly, and folk-arty and very hip. This book is great for lots of ages — we’ve even given it as a birthday gift for grown-ups. One reviewer described it as “A must for uncles who want to be in the know.” I fully agree.

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