The stories of Robert Munsch were introduced to me when my oldest kids were very young, and they’re great. He’s written dozens of stories, but the one most people seem to be familiar with is Paper Bag Princess — which is no surprise because it’s awesome.

His stories are really silly and really appealing to kids. He is absolutely in tune with what kids think is hilarious. There tends to be a lot of giggling when we read Robert Munsch. And the stories lend themselves to an animated reading style, which adds to the giggling. The stories are a hit with kids as young as 3 and still entertain my 9 year old if he’s listening in.

The vast majority of Munsch’s stories are illustrated by Michael Martchenko who has a bright and happy and kind-of cartooney style, and my kids love, love the illustrations.

You can get most of his stories as individual books, or there are several collections. The collection we own is Munschworks Grand Treasury, a compilation of the first 3 Munschworks collections. The Treasury includes 15 different stories, including Paper Bag Princess and my favorite, Mortimer — enough stories so that we never get bored with it.

Bound to be a hit in any children’s book collection.