It’s not like the Eloise empire needs any love from me to keep afloat. But it occurred to me not every Design Mom Reader may be familiar with this series of books. Personally, I didn’t grow up with Eloise. I discovered Eloise in Paris as I was browsing a book store when my oldest two were just babies. It was too old for them, but I bought it anyway because I was so charmed by the writing and the line drawings. And Eloise in Paris is still my favorite of the Eloise books — because Paris is always fabulous, even through the eyes of a little girl. Plus, I love all the bits of french thrown in.

Eloise lives at the Plaza hotel in New York. Her parents are jet-setters, so she spends her life with an exhausted, but kind Nanny. Eloise talks really fast and gets distracted really easily. And I think the book is best when you can get in the Eloise mindset and feel a rush about life as you read it. If I’m honest, I probably like it more than my kids.

Eloise enjoyed her 50th anniversary in 2005. Find Eloise in Paris here.