For this week’s book entry, I’m going to send you to elsewhere. Jenny & Andy had their 8-year-old daughter, Phoebe, write up a review of her favorite comic books (with rankings!). The reviews are adorable:

“Whoever likes mystery stories and gangsters and people like that should read Tintin. It’s about a little boy who tries to catch a lot of bad guys. He has a white dog named Snowy. Ummm. My favorite one is… I can’t pick a favorite. Daddy, before you write this, tell the people that I thought of all this, okay?”

The whole post opened my eyes to a book world I’m only vaguely aware of. I can’t wait to look closer. Jenny promises that much of the illustration work is Art with a capital A — like the image above. Are your kids into comic books? I keep thinking Ralph would adore them, but he’s never really been introduced.