I saw this book by Andrew Clements at the library and was so excited. I have the best memory relating to a million dots (not to this book, but to actual dots).

When dot matrix printers first came out, my dad picked one up for our home computer. We figured out we could print a million dots (5000 dots per page, 200 pages) and put the printouts all over the walls of his classroom, so his students could get an idea of what a million was. This was a big idea at the time — to actually be able to visually see, or hold in your hand, a million of something. I remember helping to hang the printouts and thinking how amazed his students would be.

And this book is the same concept only much prettier and more interesting than any dot matrix printer could produce. On each page are different bits of trivia relating to different numbers between one and a million. It’s very cool. And very well art directed.

Especially good for school age kids. Available here.