Our house gained so many great books this Christmas that I’m going share a bunch all in this one post.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
First of all, get your hands on a copy of The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick. It’s a gorgeous volume, thick and heavy, but geared toward tweens. Sort of half graphic novel/half traditional novel. It’s such a beautifully made book. I love holding it in my hands. The story is excellent and the volume is winning all sorts of awards. I finished it before I handed it over to Ralph. He’s in the middle of it and loves it.

Spatulatta Cookbook
I had never heard of the Spatulatta Girls until I took my kids to one of their cooking demonstrations at the Scholastic store opening a couple of months ago. But now I consider myself a big fan. The Spatulatta Girls are two young sisters who love cooking and wrote a cookbook. Good recipes for kids learning to cook and really yummy too. They were so fantastic and approachable during their demonstration that my kids couldn’t stop talking about them on the ride home. We ended up with a signed copy of their cookbook under the tree and it was one of the highlights of Christmas morning.

This book is written for teens. The story is fascinating. The cover is beautiful. But the really interesting part is that each of the 10 chapters was written by a different talented author — Nick Hornby, Roddy Doyle, Gregory Maguire, Linda Sue Park, David Almond, Tim Wynne-Jones, Ruth Ozeki, Deborah Ellis, Margo Lanagan, and Eoin Colfer. I gobbled this story up. It was so great to see the different writing styles and discover where the new author would take the story. A great book for the teens in your life. Extra bonus: all proceeds of this book go to Amnesty International.

The First Adventures of Incredible You
This is a recap, I know I’ve already written about this book, but we didn’t give it to 6-year-old Olive until Christmas. She was amazed. She could not believe how these authors knew her name and her brothers’ and sisters’ names and so many facts about her life. It’s the main thing from Christmas that she wanted to take to school for show and tell.

Star War
s Pop-up

Another recap. But I have to say, now that I’ve taken the time to study this book, I am more than stunned with all the detail. The pop-ups are unbelievable. The illustrations are fantastic. If you know a Star Wars fan — child or adult — they will love owning this book. Really, truly amazing.