Design Mom Reader, Burgin, emailed me about her new blog: Vintage Children’s Books My Kid Loves. And before I even checked it out I knew I would love it. Did I mention it was about vintage books for kids? How could I not love it.

One of the books she featured is The Five Chinese Brothers — do you remember this one? I loved it as a child!

The First Chinese Brother could swallow the sea.
The Second Chinese Brother had an iron neck.
The Third Chinese Brother could stretch and stretch his legs.
The Fourth Chinese Brother could not be burned.
And the Fifth Chinese Brother could hold his breath indefinitely.

It’s fairly impossible not to be hooked after reading that. Plus, that drawing of the brother with his cheeks full of the sea — awesome. You could just feel he was ready to burst. I swear I remember every page of the book.

I can’t believe I haven’t added this to our library yet — and was so glad to be reminded of it. You can find a hardcover edition of The Five Chinese Brothers here.