Aren’t these board books gorgeous? Alison Jay’s illustrations are inventive and beautiful.

In Alphabet (which also seems to go by ABC depending on which country it’s sold in), each scene features one item (A is for apple) with several smaller a-word-objects surrounding the main item. The final scene shows everything and everyone from the book together in a non-traditional zoo. And throughout the book there’s an underlying story of a man on a journey encountering objects from the book.

In Numbers (which also seems to go by 123), you’ll count from 1 to 10 and back again with fairy tale characters as your companions. Watch for characters from one scene as they make appearances on further pages. So well done!

These would be a wonderful addition to your child’s library and are pretty enough that you’ll want to leave them out on display.

And while my brain is on Alison Jay, check out her Picture This board book as well — clearly Alison can do no wrong!