By Gabrielle.

Last week, I was telling Karen a little anecdote about my daughter Olive and the f-word (it’s a good story, I’ll have to share in another post), and I blushed while telling it. I’m not a big swearer and the few times I’ve had the occasion to say the f-bomb — even if I’m just quoting! — inevitably bring a rose to my cheeks.

Do you blush easily? Don’t be embarrassed; it’s a good thing. According to a few studies, people who blush easily are perceived as more generous and trustworthy than those who don’t. Another bonus? Blushers are considered to be great lovers, too!

But here’s a tip if the redness is getting out of hand: to stop that blush from creeping down your neck to your chest, simply take a deep breath and pull your shoulders down. This automatically relaxes your body and minimizes blushing!

Embarrassed with style, found here.

P.S. — As I predicted in my first post from Ethiopia, I experienced many embarrassing moments last week! There were mispronounced names, geography gaffes and interesting new foods that shocked my taste buds and had me scrambling for water. Oh, well! A little blushing is to be expected when you find yourself somewhere completely new; you’re going to make a few harmless mistakes along the way, and that’s perfectly okay.