By Whitney.

Some of my favorite posts to read on Design Mom are the birth stories. I am always so moved by the emotion and beauty inherent throughout the birthing process.

I’ve been photographing births for a few years, so I was very interested in what this article had to say about birth photography becoming more popular. For many women, photos of their child entering the world are an absolute treasure, while others cringe at the thought of a camera present during such a personal moment.

Have any of you had a birth photographed…or desperately wish you had? Did the presence of a photographer make you feel at all uncomfortable or as though you had to remain somewhat photogenic through the entire birth? (That would be impossible, wouldn’t it?) I’m so curious to hear your thoughts!

Photos by Hardie Photography.

P.S. — Have you seen sweet Erin‘s home birth photos captured by Betsy King? I was in tears by the end! And remember Baby June’s birth? So fast, the photographer arrived just after the baby!