Bike Tags

Favorite find of the week: Bike Tags at Heros and Criminals. (It’s only Monday, so maybe it’s presumptuous to assume this is the favorite thing I’ll find all week. But I’m going to to risk it anyway.) 

Bike tags? What are bike tags? Well. Let me just grab text directly from the product description:

“Ever see a sweet bike on the street and wish there was a way to tell that person how much you love their bike? Well I do, so I made these tags, perfect for hanging on the handle bars of all my favorite bikes in town. Just carry a few in your pocket everywhere you go so you’ll always be ready to leave a note to share some bike love.”

Bike Tags to spread good cheer

Ummm. Okay. I’m in. I’ll do it! I’ll leave notes on bikes. Sign me up. I love it. It’s my favorite thing ever.