If you’ve ever heard Kevin Kling on NPR or at storytelling festivals around the country, you know his stories are clever, hilarious, and endearing. His new picture book, Big Little Brother, is no exception. This big brother finds himself in the unique position of being smaller than his little brother, and the book explores the complications — and the advantages — of brotherhood in a sweet and funny story.

The illustrations are pretty great, too, especially when the little brother shows up every time the lights are off!

Growth spurts and genetics are tricky, aren’t they? Has this ever happened in your family, either to you while you were growing up or to your kids? I imagine it would be so difficult and hard to understand!

Please join me in welcoming writer Amy Hackworth to the pages of Design Mom! A more formal introduction will follow (I promise!), but I do know she eats, sleeps, and breathes books! She has even co-written one.