Ben Blair is back at work today, but it still feels like it’s vacation because the kids are out of school. We’re mostly hanging out in our pjs and playing Guitar Hero (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Blair!). Ralph, Maude and Olive like to play base, while I play guitar.
Oscar likes to hold either guitar, just because he looks so cool. We find ourselves humming Livin’ on a Prayer and Beat It as we go about our chores.

I have been feeling that urge to do physical, non-computer work. So on Saturday, we ripped up the carpet on the stairs. A task which I’ve been wanting to do, but putting off, since the day we started renting this home 3 years ago. The carpet was old and gross and it should not make me this happy to see the bare wood on the steps, but it does. If I had accomplished nothing in 2008 except getting rid of that awful carpet, I would be good with that.

Today, I was still feeling the urge for more physical work, so I put Christmas away. Earlier than I had intended, but I’m still pleased. I’ll leave the wreath and the outside lights up for awhile yet, but everything else is packed up and boxed. And now I’m looking toward what’s next.

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