What is it like to be the youngest of five? Just ask Betty. Who turned two last Friday and who’s elaborate celebration involved having the cousins over for creamsicle floats (creamsicle floats = vanilla ice cream + clementine Izze — delicious!). There wasn’t even a cake. I pulled out a frozen waffle (with whip cream and sprinkles to make it a bit more festive) just to have a place to put the candle. Let’s call it creative instead of bad parenting.

But really, I don’t feel bad. Betty is adored by her siblings and parents and cousins and neighbors. And she couldn’t have been happier with her very simple get together. Speaking of happy, looking for a perfect two-year-old gift? This card from Grandma was a runaway hit!

It comes flat in an envelope.

Then pops up into this colorful masterpiece.

The candles come out to form a little card that can be signed.

I can not exaggerate the amount of playtime this sturdy little paper cake has filled. It was studied and admired by the big kids too. Made by Hallmark.

Betty’s other birthday treasures: a little wooden hand drum that she loves — thanks cousins! And a cute little skirt (plus accessories) in one of my favorite prints from the now retired Sophie & Lili line.

I do love big celebrations. But I also love that when necessary, my kids are just as happy with a simple get together and a cute birthday card. Yay for two year olds! Yay for Betty!