Last Monday we had a celebration for Betty’s 5th birthday.

She is such a sweetheart! Betty was our baby for years before June came along. I’m sure she felt very displaced this year, but I’m delighted to see how she’s thriving in France — Ben Blair and I hear her slip French words into conversation when she’s playing with her toys. So sweet!

Something else about Betty: She might have the cutest voice ever. (You can hear her in this video if you’re curious.)

Five is one of those ages where I love to host a little gathering for friends, but sending out invitations so shortly after the Egg Hunt seemed like too much. So this party was just for family. Betty didn’t seem to mind at all, but maybe in the summer or fall we can find a good excuse to invite her friends over for games and treats.

For cake, Betty requested a Strawberry tart. She had two slices.

After cake (or, I should say, tart), Betty opened presents.

The shopping for this little event happened while we were in Amsterdam. Ben Blair took the big kids to a movie (they’re shown in English with Dutch subtitles — so convenient!) and I took June to HEMA for a second visit.

I adored HEMA. It was like Target, but edited down to just the pretty stuff. While there, I bought the paper garland, the floral napkins, the blue bike horn, the ABC stamp set and the little ceramic tea set in the red basket.

It was a fun day and I know Betty felt special and celebrated.

How about you? Do you host parties for every birthday? Or just for some years?