Have you read about Bestie Row? Four couples in Austin, Texas, who have been best friends for 20 years, bought some land on the Llano River, about 90 minutes away from where they live. They built a row of tiny houses on the land — a place to vacation or escape city life several times a month. I’m so interested in this story!

The details about the tiny houses are fascinating to me. Each one is 400 square feet, and the cost for each was approximately $40,000. They were designed by an architect, Matt Garcia. And there’s one communal building too. It’s 1500 square feet and houses a kitchen, dining area, and large gathering space, plus bunk beds for guests. The homes were designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly — the structures even gather rain water!

I’m also intrigued by the whole idea of a bestie row. When I first saw the row of houses, my immediate thought was: I want to build this for my kids! There is some open land adjacent to our yard here and I suddenly had a picture in my head of a row of six tiny houses there. One for each child, with space for any future family they might have. A place to land when they come home as grownups.

But maybe even more appealing than having a little row of houses here in Oakland, would be to have little houses for all of us in more of a vacation spot. Some place on the water where we can start our day in kayaks or canoes. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

What do you think? Does it appeal to you? Do you have dear friends that you would build a Bestie Row with? Friends from high school? From college? Or perhaps siblings or cousins? Or do you crave something more private? If you could build a bestie row, where would you build it?

Credits: Photos by Alexander Stoss. More info on Bestie Row here.