How’s your gift shopping going? I feel like we’re 90% done. If I just put in another good push, we’ll be able to mark everything else off of our list. As the deadline for gift-giving gets closer, books become a more and more favored option for me. They’re easy to find in store or online, and they ship fast and inexpensively.

Here are 7 more options I can happily recommend.

First up is Deep in the Woods by Christopher Corr. It first caught my eye because of the illustrations. They are amazing. The neon colors, the details, the style, the compositions. I’m obsessed!

The story is a retelling of a classic Russian folktale, and it’s lovely. A segment from one of the reviews nails it: “The animal household embodies cooperation and peaceful resolution.” Sounds good, right?

Next on my list is A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars by Seth Fishman, with illustrations by Isabel Greenberg.

As you can guess by the title, this book is all about interesting numbers. (Did you know there are thirty-seven billion rabbits on Earth?) If you’ve got curious kids, this is a great option. If you’re looking for more STEM content, this is a great option. If you want to think BIG, this is a great option.

Meow by Victoria Ying is a sweet one. It’s not a wordless book, but almost…

… because the only word in the book is “meow” — used over and over and over again. And you’ll be surprised at how much nuance that one word can have when paired with the feeling-filled illustrations. I confess, I was hesitant when I picked it up, but the book is truly endearing.

Another recommendation is Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers, with illustrations by Shawn Harris.

This book first caught my attention because of Dave Eggers’ name. I didn’t realize he had written a picture book and wanted to check it out. Happily, it’s a great one. It’s timely and heartfelt. It reminds you how good America can be. And it reminds you that most of us who live here are immigrants.

Beyond those four books, I wanted to feature three titles that are perfect for Welcoming Winter. Can you believe the official first day of Winter is just a few days away? It’s a turning point that I sometimes miss because it happens so near to Christmas, but I love the idea of marking the moment when days start growing longer instead of shorter.

The first Welcoming Winter title is First Snow by Bomi Park. It’s a stunning debut from an artist who is based in Seoul, Korea.

The whole book is done in shades of black and white, with accents of red. The illustrations are truly inspired and capture the magic of a first snow. I don’t know what to tell you except that this is a really special book. I’m already look forward to future titles from Bomi Park.

Next is The Wish Tree by Kyo Maclear, with illustrations by Chris Turnham.

His sister tells him there’s no such thing as a Wish Tree, but that doesn’t stop Charles from heading out on a quest to find one. You’ll love watching Charles stop along the way to help creatures and animals in need. And you’ll love when they get a chance to help him in return.

Though it’s not Christmas-focused, it would be another great one for a holiday collection.

My final recommendation is Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter by Eugenie Doyle, with illustrations by Becca Stadtlander.

I really enjoyed this one — and it reminded me of Ox-Cart Man (one of my very favorites). As the reader, you get to watch and learn while a family readies their farm ready for Winter. It’s fascinating and informative, and the illustrations are beautiful and calm. It’s perfect for bedtime, and will have the whole family yawning and ready for bed as the farm settles down to sleep.


Okay, now it’s your turn. Will you be buying any books this week as sort-of last minute gifts? Have you picked up any of the titles above? If yes, did you like them as much as I did? What books are you gifting to the kids in your life this year?