By Gabrielle.

Since we arrived here for the summer, my inbox has seen a surge of questions about my earlier content on France. Where’s that post on your French pharmacy picks? Didn’t you do a write-up on affordable French souvenirs? What was that book on French parenting we discussed? So I thought it might be helpful to include a brief guide to some of the most popular posts from our years living in France.

On French Schools:

– This was our first report.

Our second report.

– This post talks about the legendary and formidable French school supply lists.

– Another school update plus an update on how the language immersion was coming along.

– If you’d like more, I wrote 10 posts on French schooling total.

On French households:

– This post includes my observations about laundry and ironing and got a big response.

– This is about shutters in France, which I had no idea were a big deal until I got here.

– This is about how trash is collected in the countryside.

On French Parenting:

Is Maman Mean or Magnificent?

– More on French parenting.

– French kids eat everything.

Honfleur, France | Design Mom

On Exploring France:

– Our first visit to Mont St. Michel. Happily, we ended up visiting many, many times because it was a popular request from our house guests. We even made a video about a pilgrimmage to Mont St. Michel.

– Our first visit to the Eiffel Tower. This is another spot we visited frequently. Here’s a related post I wrote about climbing to the top with the kids.

Canoeing in the Dordogne.

– Attending the French Open.

– How to Visit the Loire Valley in a Day.

– Other spots we frequented were Honfleur & Deauville — a fishing village and famous umbrellaed beach.

– If you’d like there are lots more French Tourism posts.

Five Affordable Souvenirs to Bring Home from your Trip to France.

On French Souvenirs:

Five Fabulous French Souvenirs under $5. This one was a mega-hit.

And here are five more awesome souvenirs..

– I did a series of 3 posts on French pharmacy picks. I started with Gwyneth Paltrow’s recommendations and then tried some of my own picks too.

On French Food:

– Our first post about how we shop and eat in France — written shortly after we moved here.

– All about French dairy products, particularly the lovely containers. This summer, the first thing we put in our fridge was these same yogurts!

– A little bit about the French tradition of Gouter, or afternoon snack.

– What it was like buying eggs from our neighbor. We made a video about this too.

– Our love letter to the French Bakery.

– And this is the last post I wrote about French food — a follow up to our first food post, shared as we were headed home.

I hope you find this list of links helpful. My question for you: Is there anything in particular you’d like to me cover while I’m here this summer? Let me know!

P.S. — Here’s one more sweet post on homesickness.