best glasses for pixie cuts

Can we talk about glasses for a bit? Mine need to be replaced. Partly because it’s been 5 years since I’ve ordered a new pair and mine are pretty worn out. But more then that, my prescription has changed. I’m dealing with my usual extreme nearsightedness (I’m something like 20/800 – insane!), and now I’m also dealing with some reading eye fatigue. Which I’m guessing is age related. Sigh.

Help me pick out a new pair! I’ve narrowed it down to 5 options. I’m especially trying to find something that would look good with my new silvery hair. And since my pixie cut is quite masculine, I want a pair that contrasts and feels a bit feminine.

best glasses for pixie cuts

Here are my 5 top picks (pictured in order above):

Goodney in Birch Tortoise.
Annette in Petal Tortoise.
Welty in Rose Fog.
Louise in Elderflower Crystal.
Daisy in Jet Black.

Warby Parker Daisy Glasses

By the way, Ben Blair, me, Ralph and Olive, all wear prescription glasses, and we pretty much only buy them from Warby Parker. Remember that crazy video I linked to about the glasses monopoly? When I learned that, I was so pleased to hear that Warby Parker wasn’t part of that whole mess. Made me feel even more loyal to them. I think we’ve ordered a dozen pairs from them over the years.

We like them because they’re reasonably priced (as far as glasses go), they have tons of styles, if you don’t live near a store, you can opt for at-home try on, they carry lots of sunglasses too, and for every pair you buy, they donate a pair!

I’d love to hear: Which pair would you pick for me? Also, do you wear glasses? Do you buy a new pair regularly or just if your prescription changes? And how often does your prescription change?

More questions: If you wear glasses daily, do you keep more than one pair to choose from? Different styles for different moods/outfits? Do any of you wear non-prescription glasses just for the look? And have any of you started dealing with reading glasses yet?

P.S. — Warby Parker sleep mask. Would be a cute gift. More gift ideas in The Shop.