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This was maybe my favorite gift guide to put together. I kept picturing all the amazing women in my life as I chose each item. And gosh I’m lucky to know some truly outstanding ladies.

A couple of things to note: several products on this list are from companies that give back, and it always feels good knowing your purchase is positive in multiple ways. There are 13 items on the list that are priced at $25 or less, but I confess, I was a bit splurgey on a lot of the things here. : ) And just like with the men’s list, there are several items here that could appeal to anyone. In fact, I know Ben Blair would appreciate a bunch of these.

Ready to take a look?

Rhino Bookends. Are rhinos the new hedgehogs? Could be. And if not, these are still fabulous.

Gorgeous Backgammon Set. It’s true, I’m not as much of a board game person as my kids are, but I want to own this just because it’s so pretty.

Matte Black Bookcase. This floor shelf was designed by the coolest little independent book shop here in Oakland, and it’s available in different woods and a white finish too. Click through to see more photos. They’re so beautifully proportioned and designed.

Desktop Letter Board. Just the thing you need to remind you of your word of the day/week/month/year.

Go Away Welcome Mat. Hah! I’m sure you know the perfect recipient for this one.

Large Platinum Scratch World Map. So cool! Use a coin to scratch the grey coating away from the countries you’ve visited.

Wax Stamp Letter Set. I love wax initial sets! They make me want to send letters.

Happy Mail. And speaking of sending letters, this book is excellent. Filled with so many inspiring ideas for sending snail mail. And such a bargain!

Fabulous Blue Coat. Yes, please. Buy this one for yourself.

Gorgeous Lip Tint. I want to reach through the screen and dab some on my lips right this minute.

Cat Eye Sunglasses. Hello, bargain. And they come in 4 colors. (Another good option for a teen stocking stuffer).

Japanese Chambray Apron. In 8 colors. I want one so bad. For sure this is on my own wish list.

Rainbow Multi Tool Set. Because if you have a rainbow option for your tools, you should take it.

Jewelry Box. An especially handsome, simple storage option.

Heavy Duty Gold Scissors. I love collecting scissors (In fact, I put two options on this list!). This pair is so glam.

Apple Kantha Throw Blanket. Kantha quilts are so special, and this company has the biggest collection I’ve seen. This product supports at-risk women.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler. It’s all about the presentation, right? Isn’t this set lovely?

Oki Candles. I’m a sucker for blue and white ceramics. And if you’re a candle fan, click through, because the options at this shop are so dang beautiful. This product supports at-risk women.

Light Box! I want one of these for my entryway. It would be fun to write messages or quotes to greet the kids each day. This would be fun in a teen’s room too.

Playable Art Ball. It’s sort of a toy, but maybe more pleasing to adults than to kids. Actually, I’m sure it would appeal to people of all ages.

The Planets: Photographs from the Archives of NASA. Our culture’s renewed fascination with Outer Space is still going strong. This new book is wonderful. (Lots more space gift ideas.)

Keep Going Tee. You can do it. You got this.

Selam Tote Bag. There’s nothing more useable than a reliable leather bucket bag. And they age wonderfully. This product supports at-risk women.

Wood Art Box Easel Paint Set $29

Amy Blanket. This cozy, color-blocked throw blanket comes in several color ways. The perfect addition to a sofa or the end of a bed. This product supports at-risk women.

Brass Heirloom Scissors. Here’s the second pair I mentioned earlier. These are BIG. Oversize and really hefty. Super cool.

Cardinal Print. Remember the saying? Cardinals appear when angels are near.

Ancestry DNA Kit. This is by far the best-selling kit out there. And this is the lowest price I’ve seen.

Brass Tassel Earrings. BIG statement earrings are the thing right now. These look heavy but are actually really lightweight. This product supports at-risk women.

Self-Care Sweater. Mara and Danny of A Blog About Love just opened a shop! They have incredible taste. Every item is perfection, including this sweater.

Nourishing Night Face Balm. Smells amazing. A little goes a long way. And it comes in a handsome glass jar. I love this stuff.

Realistic or Floral Tattoo Sets. Some days you just need a little body art.

Everyday Bravery Pins. Click through just to read all the versions of these pins. So good.

Cooking School Cookbook. Cooking lessons aren’t in the budget? Start with this instead.

Glow: The 21-day eCourse for Claiming Your Light. Gift this to someone today so they can have their best December ever.


Okay. Now it’s your turn. What’s on your wish list this year? Books? Clothes? Luxe beauty products? Classes? Art supplies? Practical stuff for your home? I’d love to hear.

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