Hey picture book lovers. Here are 5 new ones we’ve added to our collection. I think you’ll love these picks.

Meet Triangle, by Mac Barnett, with illustrations by Jon Klassen. 

All you need to know about this book is that Triangle sets out to play a sneaky trick on his friend Square. I mean, come on, is there a more charming premise than that?  I always love the work of this award-winning duo (see Extra Yarn and Sam and Dave Dig a Hole), and so do my kids.

Listen, Listen by Ann Rand and Paul Rand.


This is a reissue of a 1970s book created by design powerhouse couple, Ann and Paul Rand. Ann trained as an architect under Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Paul was one of the most influential American graphic designers of the twentieth century and he designed the iconic logos for ABC, IBM, and UPS.

This book was written for their daughter Catherine to explain the interplay of color and sound. You can find more of their books for children here.

Pablo & His Chair by Delphine Perret.


For his birthday, Pablo receives a chair as a gift. And it’s exactly what he doesn’t want. But wait till you see what he does with that chair!

Do you know the work of Delphine Perret? She is the author and illustrator of over a dozen children’s books that have been translated into several languages. She has a degree in illustration from the École des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg and is the cofounder of Le Bocal gallery in Lyon, France. 

There are three books in the Atlas of Adventures series, and I won’t be surprised if more come out. They’re very well done. We have the second and third books.


The first book is yellow and called Atlas of Adventures. The second book in the series is red and it’s called Atlas of Animal Adventures


This is a big oversize book filled with tons of amazing info and details. Beautifully illustrated and funny too. We picked this up for Oscar, our resident biologist and lover of all animals (but especially sea creatures).

We like the big oversize atlas so much, that we also tried the third book in the series, the little blue Atlas of Miniature Adventures.

It’s a much tinier book (appropriate for the title), but still filled with amazing details and curious factoids. It explores all seven continents.

Any wonderful picture books you’ve discovered lately? Share in the comments. I always love your recommendations.

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