I know this sounds strange, but sometimes I forget that December is the end of the year. What I mean is that I get so wrapped up in the holidays, I don’t take time to reflect on the current year, or think about the next one, until Christmas has passed and I’ve marked “holidays” off my list.

But I woke up this morning feeling reflective and thought I should take advantage of it. So I went back through all my 2018 posts and sought out the ones that seemed to generate the most interesting discussions each month. Then I made a list for you. Grab something yummy to eat or drink, and check it out.

I should note, the posts I list below aren’t necessarily the most viewed or even most commented on. I suppose what they have in common is that they are the posts where I learned the most from your comments (and am still learning as more comments come in!).

I’d love to hear if any of these were favorites of yours. And I’d love to hear if any of these spark ideas for what you’d like to discuss in 2019. Our discussions here are so important and meaningful to me, so please let me know what topics are on your mind, and what you’re in the mood to talk about.


We discussed Aziz Ansari. Was it a Bad Date? Or Was it Coercion?

We got frustrated about how our culture values male pleasure above all else. Male Pleasure & Female Pain

We analyzed your survey responses. Design Mom 2018 Reader Survey Results

We talked about mental health. When Your Depression Meds Don’t Always Work


We responded to horrific mass killings. It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.

We loved Karey Mackin’s parenting essay. Tell Her First

We learned something new about our bodies. That Feeling When You Thought You Knew What a Clitoris Was


We discussed a reader’s dilemma. Navigating Social Situations When You Don’t Drink

We shared skin care ideas. Adult Acne: What’s New and What Works?

We learned about different family reading rules. Stay Up As Late As You Want… If You’re Reading


We talked about family patterns. Which Grandparents Do Your Kids Feel Closer To?

We wondered about names. What If You Give Your Kid The Wrong Name?

We got irritated by being told how often we need to replace our stuff. How Often Do You Replace…?


We considered the gender (or genderless-ness) of God. What Are Your Thoughts on a Female God?

We discussed our partners and their views. Is Your Spouse or Partner A Feminist?

We rejoiced with the happy couple. I Thought I Didn’t Care About the Royal Wedding


We talked about money. How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Babysitter These Days?

We wondered if we needed to approach art differently. Do You Vote Yea or Nay to Separate the Art from the Artist?

We thought about the changing phone culture. How Many Phone Calls Do You Make Each Week?

We discussed the connection between guns in the home and death. Let’s Talk About Suicide Statistics, Please


We shared what our last names mean to us. What If It Was Illegal to Keep Your Maiden Name?

We considered how to be responsible online. How To Be A Publisher in 2018

We looked into interesting retreats. For Those Curious About Goddess Camp


We took a silly discussion somewhat seriously. Do Vampires Have Moral Obligations?

We wondered how well we knew our parents. Your Parent’s Favorite Band

We talked about different definitions of the word opinion. Are You Entitled To Your Opinion?

We liked thinking about our kids and the people they are becoming. Thinking About Ralph


We debated reproductive responsibility. My Twitter Thread on Abortion

We were angry. Men are Lucky Women are Seeking Equality and Not Revenge

We considered what the perfect age for dying might be. How Long do You Want to Live?


We shared encouraging words. Motherhood – This Part is Hard. You’re Doing A Great Job.

We discussed how we approach relationships with people who have different political views. A Few Things

We talked about feminist fashion. Leopard Print Is Everywhere! And They Say Men Hate It


We analyzed our step-relationships. Let’s Talk About Step-Parenting

We loved the wisdom (and style) in this home tour. Living With Kids: Melissa Neff

We wondered about genes. Are Bald Men a Deal Breaker for You?


We talked nativity sets and options for non-white-washed versions. My Favorite Nativity Set

We shared gift fails and successes. Add-on Gifts: Yea or Nay?

We discussed the challenges of family photos. Family Photos at Cal Berkeley Campus


Though far from being an exhaustive list, those are definitely some of the best discussions we had this year. And it’s such a great list! It makes me very curious to find out what you’d like to talk about in 2019, and to hear if you have any favorites from 2018.

Thank you for making the Design Mom comment section one of the smartest, most thoughtful, most interesting places on the internet. I say that so sincerely. This is a very special place because of you.