Have you had your DNA tested to learn about where your ancestors came from? I see postings on Facebook frequently from friends who’ve had it done. In many instances, they already have a general idea of which countries their genes come from, but there always seems to be some surprises too. I think it’s really cool, and honestly I’m quite surprised I haven’t done it yet. It seems right up my alley!

But I keep talking to people about it and I’ve learned 2 things so far. One is that as new discoveries are made, the testing services will send you an update with more details about the history of your DNA. I love that so much! And another thing I learned is that if you’re going to do the test, ideally both a male and female (like a brother and sister) from the same family will get tested at the same time — apparently it provides a more complete picture.

Anyway, these tests, and ancestors, and genealogy came to mind as I was thinking about thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. Sometimes I crave giving (or receiving) a luxury gift, like a pair of sunglasses or a handbag or bottle of perfume that catches my eye, but I might not splurge on for myself. But for Mother’s Day I tend to lean toward more personal gifts, like hand written letters or memory books — or a gorgeous Family Tree that can be displayed on the wall.

So I started to do some hunting, and here are 5 really amazing options for showing off those roots:

This Custom Drawn Tree is so incredibly charming. I love how much you can understand about the individuals by seeing their clothes and that they’re holding their favorite items. If you look closely there are even chosen descriptive words throughout the leaves to describe the branch occupants. Fully customizable to accommodate any number of people, this would be such a treat for any family.

The artist is Karuski’s Colours out of London, she also has equally charming handmade family portraits that are worth a look.


For something modern, here are two circle designs — Sunburst and Sea Ombre. I love the simplicity, and the Sea Ombre is available in other color options too, which makes it easy to create something that will look good in a particular room.

This is how it works. You give the artist the information, they input it and send you the file to print at whatever size, and on whatever and paper you like. Easy and beautiful! I really love the idea of something very large scale to put on the wall. It would be a true focal point and conversation starter.

And here are two beautiful family trees with a more traditional feel —Hallelujah Tree and Watercolor Custom Tree

Both of these are also custom orders. They can be accessed as a digital download if you want to print them yourself, or you can pay to have them printed and sent to you. Oh, and they’re guaranteed for Mother’s Day if you order by this Saturday, May 6th!

How about you? Do you have a family tree on display at your house? Are your kids ever curious about their ancestors? Any links to beautiful family trees out there we should know of? 

And maybe the thing I’m most curious about: do you feel like you have access to the names and info you would need to fill out a family tree? I can tell you I do, but I get no credit for it — Mormons are famed for doing their genealogy and family history, and I’m lucky to have access to lots of family tree info from relatives, without having to do any of the research myself. Hah! How about you? Are you into this kind of thing? Do you like learning about your ancestors? What are your favorite sites for researching?

P.S. — Another idea for Mother’s day, this Mama Bear Necklace…too cute!


Credits: Shopping assistance from Audrey Moore.