How pretty and smart is this dryer-sheet alternative?
These are 4″ x 4″ sachets filled with pure blue/grey French lavender. Throw them in the dryer to lightly scent your linens or lingerie or levis. Each sachet lasts for 10-15 loads and they’re sold in packets of three for $6 — that’s as little as .13¢ a load. Not bad. Even better, they’re made from vintage tablecloths in pretty patterns.

From the same etsy shop, I also love the MamaGoToMarket bag. It has an accordion-fold base that allows it to sit flat for loading and unloading. I like what the product description says: It holds a little less than paper, way more than plastic. This bag is built for endurance but it’s so cute that it won’t embarrass you at the library, the beach or the gym. MamaGoToMarket Bags are strong and flexible — able to carry a heavy load and look great doing it. Not unlike Mama herself.