On the night before school started, each of my kids found a new toy on their dinner plate. For Baby June, we chose this Loopty Loo. I’m a diehard B. Toys fan! I love the colors they use, and their toys are always such a huge hit with my kids.

For the other five kids, we chose these games. Confession: a big part of why I chose them is because I have a hard time resisting the irresistible cloth packaging. Another reason is because I was already familiar with Bananagrams and knew it was lots of fun. Lastly, every game is either letter or number based, which I thought tied into “school” pretty neatly. Too clever? Or just the right amount of clever?

It was a small token, but for the first time ever, my kids were less than 100% enthusiastic about the first day of school (they were understandably nervous about their French), and I figured any unexpected gift might help them feel cheerful and brave, or give them something to look forward to after school.

How about you? Do you have any special traditions for Back-to-School? Have you seen the feasts Nie Nie holds each year? So cute!