I can’t get enough of this baby girl. I am in love.

On Friday night I had a tear-filled freakout — a week had already passed since her birth and despite my best efforts time was slipping away from me. Patient Ben Blair (who is as used to up-and-down hormones as anyone is likely to become) calmed me down and took more photos of June. She’s maybe 7 pounds now (still super tiny), but I can visibly see her growth and it keeps making me cry.

Things June is really good at:
Nursing & pooping
Randomly flinging her arms about
Furrowing her brow
Generally looking like a very concerned old man

Do any of your babies have that old man look? I find it charming. Every time I have a baby I think: Wow. He/She looks just like my Dad! And then I remember that my Dad was bald, chubby and wrinkled and that many new babies look just like my Dad. : )

June is a little reincarnation of Mike Stanley, if only for a little bit or from a certain angle. My Dad didn’t get to meet my kids — he passed away when I was pregnant with Ralph, my oldest child. So it’s nice to be reminded of him and feel connected to him after each birth.

Yay for babies!