I told you about June’s Homecoming yesterday, but here’s a bonus part. B. Toys sent out a box of fun stuff to help us celebrate June’s arrival. The kids opened the toys after greeting their new sister — so really, it was like double Christmas.

I have to tell you I have a total crush on these new B. Toys. They are smart. They are good-looking. They are well-designed. And they’re fun. Many come with packaging and tags that are ready to be gifted — so you can go straight from the store to the birthday party without having to make a wrapping stop. I’m super impressed.

All of the toys were well-received, but the runaway hit was definitely the B. Pop-Arty! beads. I bet the kids have put in 20+ hours since June’s birth, making and remaking necklaces and bracelets and rings. Another favorite is the the no-mess B. H2-Whoa! drawing board. The four little pens fill with water, and store right on the board itself so they don’t get lost. You can draw on either side and as your drawing dries, it disappears.

Want to check them out? I’ve seen a few B. Toys at Target and you can find them on Amazon if you know their names. Or visit the B. Toys website. If you do check them out, I hope you’ll tell me what you think.

PS — The other toys pictured here are the B. Articopia Lap Desk, the B. One Two Squeeze Blocks, the B. Wheeee-mote Control Car and the B. Okideoke Microphone.