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Hello from Washington D.C.! I’m here for AYA Summit. What’s AYA Summit you ask? Well, it’s a first time event put on by ONE Girls & Women. It’s a gathering of bloggers, authors and social media experts to learn about issues affecting girls and women in developing countries. AYA is the name of a hardy West African fern, and it represents endurance and resourcefulness — just like so many girls and women across the world.

The event is taking place on the Google Campus here in D.C. (Did you know there was a Google campus outside of Silicon Valley? I just found out last month! I’ll be attending classes and lectures all day today and for half a day tomorrow.

The line up of speakers and panelists is amazing. We’ll be hearing from people like Danai Gurira, Nick Kristof, and Jamie Drummond.

Why focus on girls and women? At ONE, they believe that unlocking the potential of girls and women, who are disproportionately affected by poverty, is the key to solving many development challenges. And I fully agree!

If you’d like to follow along with the event, watch the #AYAsummit hashtag on your social networks, and be sure to follow ONE Girls & Women on Facebook and Twitter.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out ONE Girls & Women, I highly encourage you to click over asap! The fabulous Amy Poehler is the Guest Curator this month, and as you would expect, her picks are terrific.

Let’s do this! Now’s the time to find out how to use our voices to create a better world!!