Beach wear is on my mind. On Saturday, we went to the beach at Deauville. We rented two of the famous umbrellas and slathered on the sunscreen.

There was an older woman in the tent nearest us and I was totally studying her. She was so stylish and clearly a beach expert. I’m guessing she was in her seventies. She was tan (of course) and wore a chic white bikini and turban. The turban was a creamy pashmina wrapped on her head like a towel-after-a-shower. Her small bag hung from the skeleton of the umbrella so it didn’t touch the sand. When she was finished sunning, she put on over-the-knee burberry shorts — white with a stone-colored pattern, a pale, lightweight cashmere zip hoodie, and what looked like gold, feminine Crocs(!). Then she rewrapped her turban and walked off the beach.

I will definitely be bringing my pashmina to our next beach day. And I’m thinking about the Crocs too. What are you wearing to the beach this summer? Any older women in your life who provide fashion guidance?

P.S. — I love the vintage suits in the image at top, especially those high-waisted options.