I am attending an outdoor wedding party in Germany in August. I have no idea what to wear. I think it’s a casual affair. The Bride and Groom were officially already hitched here in the states. So there won’t be a ceremony. Just a party to celebrate with the Bride’s family and friends at her family farm. I know I won’t fool anyone into thinking I’m European but I don’t want to look like a total FOB (fresh of the boat.) Can you please help me? Thanks Gabrielle! — Lauren

A wedding in Germany? How fun! If I were getting dressed for a casual party/wedding in Germany, and I wanted a European vibe to my outfit, I would think: Layers. My observation is that Europeans seem to wear more layers than Americans. Instead of a tee with jeans, they’ll layer a button-down under the tee, top it with a light jacket, and top that with a scarf. Go for neutral colors — a great skirt, light blouse, sweater or jacket. A scarf (you can add color here!). Bracelets. And some fabulous summer clogs.

Chime in, Dear Readers. What would you wear to an event like this? Any Germans reading? Lend your advice, please.

P.S. — I love the images of Mysti and Dietrich’s wedding. Also. The Design Mom Discussion Board is going great! 23 topics already. Join in and you could win a Clarisonic.