Ask Design Mom Question:
Gabrielle, I’m new to your site so I don’t know if you’ve already posted about this or not… I’m looking for a cute idea to help my girls learn world geography. Ideally, I’d like something made out of recycled material (but somewhat interactive) that I could hang in their room. I don’t want it too stuffy. I’m not running a school! Just something cute and fun (and funky!). Any suggestions? Thanks, Christina

Design Mom Answer:
Oh! I love maps. And I love decorating with maps. Great question, Christina.

My initial response is to send you to a post I wrote about using maps in my home (I favor the actual school maps), but after re-reading your question, I can see the solution I use isn’t what you’re looking for. Let me see what I can find something less formal out there and get back to you.

But before I head off on a map hunt, let me tell you what a friend of mine did: She gathered old National Geographic maps from a thrift store and covered an entire wall with them. She used wallpaper paste to attach them to the wall. They overlapped in lots of places and looked aged and creased and worn and really lovely. One was a big world map and the rest featured specific countries. She kept a pointer nearby to make the maps interactive.

Design Mom Readers, have you see any great maps out there?

Edit: talk about interactive! Check out this giant felt world map on etsy.