I have recently moved to Rochester, New York from Texas, and my husband and I bought a home built in 1928. It is a great house with tons of character, and much of it has been renovated. However, there is a small nook going into the basement that still has what I consider “bad” wallpaper, and I think it could look great with some new paper. Could you direct me to any great ideas, options, or websites for wallpaper? Thanks — Laurie.


What a perfect time to be searching out wallpaper, Laurie! There’s a full on wallpaper renaissance going on right this minute. There are easily 50 different sites that have great options. But that can be overwhelming, so I’ll start you out at super-current Design Public and in the easy-to-peel-off section at Sherwin Williams (my fave easy peel patterns here). For more of my top wallpaper sources, click here.

Design Mom Readers, where do you buy your wallpaper?

Wallpaper pictured is from Graham & Brown. What’s Ask-Design-Mom-Week? See here. Win big.