Ask Design Mom Question:
I saw your post about Joel Dewberry fabrics, which made me think you might be a good person to ask this question of.
I want to have a chair recovered and looked at a local fabric shop for fabric. Since then, I’ve seen much cuter stuff online, but I’m wondering how I know what type of fabric I’ll need. For chairs, do I need to get something labeled “upholstery weight”? Thanks for your insight! — Kate M.

Design Mom Answer:
I love this question, Kate. Because I want to know the answer as well!

The fabrics I come into contact with are generally labeled “fashion weight,” “quilting weight,” or “home decor weight.” So, whenever I’ve tackled an upholstery project, I’ve headed straight to the giant rolls of decorator fabric and looked for labels like “Home Decor Weight” or “Upholstery Weight”.

But frankly, I don’t know what technically qualifies fabric as good-for-upholstery. Is it Width? Thread count? Thickness? Materials? All of the above?

If anyone out there would like to take this opportunity to instruct Kate and myself, please do so. : )