Ask Design Mom Question:
Have you ever run across any good looking binders? I really need to get organized but can’t find any binders that work well AND look good. Any suggestions? Thanks! — Jenilyn

Design Mom Answer:
Great question, Jenilyn — and it’s come up before. Clearly, many women are seeking out pretty binders. And it’s no surprise. Good looking organization tools inspire us to put them to use. Happily, there are lots of great sources out there.

-Try Russell and Hazel. It’s one of my favorite sources for great-looking office supplies — including binders.
-See Jane Work is another great source, also with a selection of good-looking binders.
-For a strictly modern look, try the sleek selection at Paolo Cardelli.
-Like color and pattern? Track down stores that carry the Vera Bradley line by Lifeguard Press.

-And last night, on an errand to Target, I noticed this great new Greenroom eco-line. Very nice-looking. With binders under $6.00. And yes. I stopped in the middle of Target, with four of my kids in tow, to take photos of the binders. Because that’s how Design Mom rolls.

Hey Design Mom Readers! Seen any good-looking binders lately?