Ask Design Mom Question:
Hi Gabrielle,
I have a question and I think
you might be able to help me. When I was little, I loved doing face-painting with my mom and brothers and sisters, especially at Halloween, but at other times, too. We had a nice set of non-toxic face paints from Discovery Toys, and did tiger faces, clowns, mimes, etc.

Discovery Toys no longer carries this set. I’d love to find something similar for my kids, but I’m concerned about finding something safe for their skin. So far, the only “natural” kids’ make-up I’ve found is body glitter and lip balm for little girls, which would not make my 5-year-old son, who wants to look like a pirate, happy. Do you know of any reasonably non-chemical-laced face-paint sets for kids? Thanks! Esther

Design Mom Answer:
Face painting is the best! Thanks for the reminder that it’s a great year-round activity.

Snazaroo and Palmer are two good brands to try — and they’re not very expensive. I haven’t seen a list of ingredients, but they describe their products as cosmetic grade and non-toxic. If you want control of what exactly goes into the paint, here’s a quick recipe to try.

Face painting would be the perfect solution to a boring summer day — and then you could send your child through the sprinklers for quick clean up. What about you Design Mom Readers? Any great face-painting tips we should know about?