Hi Gabrielle. I am trying to find an affordable, cute, fun, bright rug to put in kitchen? Any ideas where to look? Thank you. — Courtenay

Hi Courtenay. Great question. I go through phases where I’m using kitchen throw rugs and not using kitchen throw rugs. When I’m in a using phase, I prefer something smallish that I can easily throw in the washing machine. My favorites are the 2′ x 3′ rag rugs that I pick up at Target and Ikea. Very inexpensive (under $5 each). And they come in such fun mixes of color.

What about you, Dear Readers? Do you use kitchen rugs? Where do you find yours?

The rug pictured is called Cleo. It’s more expensive than I would use as a kitchen throw rug, but I thought the photo was good. And I would love this rug elsewhere in the house. Also. Did you know you could win a $300 shopping spree from Peek? Find out how here.