Ask Design Mom Question:
Hi Gabrielle! I have a question for you. We will be going camping soon with some friends and while I don’t mind being outdoors and getting down and dirty, I’d like something cute to hold my too-short-for-a-ponytail hair back, especially since I don’t plan on bringing a hair dryer on a camping trip! Do you know of any cute hair scarves or cloth headbands?
— Thanks! Katerina

Design Mom Answer:
First of all, your camping trip sounds like the perfect summer adventure. I’m sure you’ll have a great time! My preferred camping head gear is a classic red bandana. Good-looking. Easy to spot if I’m hiking with others. Absorbent for mopping up perspiration on a hot day. And it can work as a sling in a pinch. But if you’re looking for something beyond a bandana, here are two suggestions.

I recently received an email about a just-launched hair product called Knot Heads that promises to work with all hair lengths in all sorts of interesting ways. You can check it out (including demo videos) here. And. I’ve heard rave reviews about Pinkbench head bands. Adjustable to fit your head with a vow to “stay on and not hurt”. Sounds good to me!

How do you handle “camp hair” Design Mom Readers?