Ask Design Mom Question:
Gabrielle, I am attempting to throw my husband a graduation party. He is the first guy in his family to EVER graduate from college. Plus, during this time we got married, had two kids, moved to a different state and found a new job. In other words my man deserves a great party! I am stumped. I am trying to come up with some ways to make it all about him (we will be celebrating while visiting my in-laws the day before my sister-in-law’s wedding.) Any ideas? Thanks! — Lyndsay

Design Mom Answer:
Congratulations to your husband, Lyndsay! I agree that a party is in order. Since you have two young children, you’ll be houseguests at the time of the party, and won’t have access to your own home or usual resources, I would recommend keeping the decor and refreshments simple. Your instinct to “make it all about him” seems exactly right and I would focus your energies there.

One way to make sure he gets attention that evening is to seek out anecdotes and tributes about him from friends and family. If they’re submitted beforehand you could have them bound into a book and at some point during the party, everyone can gather around your husband as a few favorites are read aloud. Or, you could nix the book idea and instead, have guests prepare to share a short tribute at the party.

For simple decor, let your food do the work. You could take your husband’s college colors, say brown and orange, and keep all the refreshments to those two colors (this seems to work best if you just serve desserts). Lots of different kinds of chocolates. Oranges or apricots. Colas or rootbeer or orange soda in bottles that show off their color.

Those are just a couple ideas to get your imagination going, Lyndsay. And I’ll bet Design Mom Readers will chime in with lots of their own great graduation party ideas. I hope the party is fantastic!

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