Ask Design Mom Question:
Gabrielle, in your travels online or in boutiques have you ever come across bedding for a cradle? I see anything and everything for cribs, but not a cradle or bassinet!! I’m on a desperate search for something beautiful and stylish, and if it could be organic, that would be fabulous. If anything comes to mind, please let me know! — Stephanie

Design Mom Answer:
You’re absolutely right Stephanie! There are dozens of excellent options for crib bedding, but cradle bedding can be hard to find.
I’m going to go search some of my best sources and see what I can find. In the meantime, I’ll ask Design Mom Readers to chime in with their favorite sources.

And I should also mention, when I was faced with the same problem for our bassinet, I picked out some beautiful fabric and hired a friend to sew a few sheets. (Yes, although I’m not any sort of impressive seamstress, I could have probably sewn these myself. But let’s be honest, it would have been procrastinated for. ev. er. Hiring it out got it done.)

Cradle pictured by Leander — I love how it can hang from the ceiling.