We have too much stuff and a small ranch with closet space that doesn’t meet our (hanging) clothing needs. I have no ideas for storage solutions and no budget to buy anything. Do you have any suggestions? — Kymberlie


I’ve been there, Kymberlie. Ready to tackle a project, but without the ideas, or the funds, to make it happen. If I were you, I would head straight to your local freecycle site. Let the group know you’re looking for closet organization help — hanging rods and hardware, or stacking bins. I’ll bet you’ll get a positive response right away. As I’ve been preparing for my move, I’ve been freecycling like crazy. Clearing out closets. And asking for spare boxes. It’s the handiest thing ever.

What about you, Dear Readers? Do any of you have some solid MacGuyver skills? Can you recommend a budget closet hanging solution made from simple household materials?

image from Container Store