Ask Design Mom Question:
Hey Gabrielle. I’m pregnant with baby #2, and am planning on buying BPA free bottles (glass or plastic) and sippy cups. Trouble is, they are so new that I have no one to ask recommendations about the best brands. Do you think you could ask your readers to share their favorite BPA free bottles and sippys? I’ve heard some complaints (online) about the nipples of these bottles. I hate to invest in these before I hear any personal recommendations. Thanks! — Carrie B.

Design Mom Answer:
Thanks for the question Carrie! I’m sure you can count on Design Mom Readers to give you lots of good PBA-free recommendations. (Design Mom Readers, thanks in advance for chiming in with your PBA wisdom.)

From a purely aesthetic standpoint — I’m design-focused after all — I love the Wee Go Bottles from Baby Life that I spotted in the March 08 issue of Parents Magazine. Aren’t they pretty? I’ll take one of each, please.