I am pregnant with my first and am doing a lot of stroller research. There are so many to choose from. Cost is an issue with me but I don’t want a cheap one that will fall apart. I like the idea of having one for newborn to toddler that can be converted into a double stroller. Any advice? Many thanks! — Meghan

So smart to be doing your research, Meghan. The first thought that comes to mind, is that it makes a big difference if you’re a city dweller or living in suburbia. You’ll use your stroller differently, and want different features, depending on your location. (My current stroller is the
Micralite Toro, pictured. We love it, but it wouldn’t have worked for us at all about a few years back — I had completely different needs.)

The second thought that comes to mind, is that you’re not alone. I actually get a lot of stroller questions. And I see the topic discussed around the interwebs pretty regularly. In fact, a week or so ago I heard about a new site called Stroller Source. They don’t actually sell strollers — so that they can remain non-biased. But they have tons of research and comparison information. They’re like the Good Samaritans of the stroller world. Stroller Source would be a really good place to start.

What about you Dear Readers? What kind of stroller advice would you like to offer?