I am in the market for salt and pepper shakers. I’m looking for something small and preferably not in the shape of a little person or animal (wink). I figured you would have a great recommendation for something stylish and chic. If they make “chic” for the salt and pepper crowd. Thanks. — Cari

Ooooh. Salt & Pepper shakers. I haven’t shopped for these in at least a decade. Fun to think about new ones! If you’re looking for small and not-kitchy, my first instinct is to stop in at a place like DWR or the Conran Shop.

I like a classic diner shape, like the one pictured. But I just stopped by DWR and found these little silver ones. Chic, no?

What about you Dear Readers? Seen any great salt & pepper sets lately? Please leave a link in the comments.