I’m looking for a fun print fabric to use to bolster some window boxes, but am disappointed in the choices at the chain fabric stores. Any suggestions for online fabric stores that are affordable? Thanks — Lauren

Great question, Lauren. This is another popular topic that comes up frequently. From what I can tell, the online fabric sources that seem to have the most fans and best collections are:

1) Purl Fabrics. You can browse fabric by company, style or designer. Their collection of reproduction 1800’s fabrics is excellent. The japanese fabrics are so tempting, you’ll buy now and come up with the appropriate project later. They also stock knitting supplies, books, and notions. Plus, a really lovely goods and a smart crafting blog: The Purl Bee.

2) Repro Depot. It’s my sister Jordan’s favorite online fabric source. She’s mentioned them multiple times. You can read her Repro Depot posts here.

3) Spoonflower. If you really can’t find any fabric you love, Spoonflower will print your very own designs for very reasonable prices.

What about you, Dear Readers? Any other online fabric sources you know and love?

PS — Some of this answer was taken from one of my previous posts.